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We Know exactly what it takes to create an extraordinary dating website. Our Dating Software has everything you need to run a successful Business

Fully Managed

While other WordPress dating plugins give you everything you need but don’t tell you how, we manage the conversion aspect.

Incredible Support

When you purchase the WordPress Dating Plugin, you will get unlimited support for your website for the duration of your subscription.

Have a wishlist of your own unique dating features?

Let us know if there’s a specific feature you would like on your site. We are always open to ideas so let us know.


We review, patch and deploy any WordPress security updates for you.

Payment processing

We handle taking payments from your users so you don’t have to worry.

Get up and running quickly

Shared Database of profiles allows your site to be populated and active for your customers from day one.

Extensive network

Our extensive network allows us to pull initial profiles to your new site.

Start advertising from day one

No nonsense setup and quick deployment.

Fully managed WordPress

We handle everything, from maintenance to payment processing, leaving you free to just advertise your own site.

Maintenance of your dating site.

We keep it running and fix any bugs.

Upgrades to your dating site.

We will add new features automatically.

Payment processing on your dating site.

We will handle all user payments.

Customer service for your dating site.

We will take care of all customer service enquiries from your users.

Affiliate programme for your dating site.

Ask affiliates to market your site and we will pay them without it affecting your profits.

A pre-populated dating site.

Start you off with several active “VIP” profiles so that your new users are not joining an empty site, but instead have people eager to talk from the start.

A generous no-limits payment structure.

We pay you £0.20 for every single paid message a user sends on your site, for the entire life of that user, no matter how many they send.​

Dating Kit Versus Our Rivals.

Free Upgrades – We add new features and fix bugs for free.
Our rivals often charge extra for this.

Simple, Lifetime Payments – Commissions are simple. We pay you for every single paid message one of your users sends for the life of that user.
Our rivals often limit the life of a user to 12 months or lower the commission they pay you after a period of several months.

Non-Subscription Model – Subscription models are great for Netflix, but for dating sites, customers prefer to chat with someone they like. They often spend far more each month when it goes well for them than any unlimited subscription model charges. This means unlimited earning potential from every user.
Our rivals use monthly subscription memberships which limit your earnings to £XX/month for each user, and a majority of those users cancel that subscription after the first month.

We Payout On All Paid Messages – We pay for every single paid message a user sends through your site, regardless of if they have joined other dating sites.
Our rivals have sneaky terms and conditions that state that if a new user has already signed up to another dating site created by their company, they will pay the other site that users commission because they signed them up first. Imagining paying for advertising, getting 100 new subscribers and only being paid for 25 of them?

Your Own Affiliate Programme – All of our dating sites have their own affiliate programme and affiliates can advertise your site and get paid for it, without us taking their commission out of your profits. We pay them separately so that it encourages you to get as many affiliates to advertise for you, knowing they get rewarded, and it only adds to your profits.
Many of our rivals do not have an on-site affiliate programme so it is left to the site owner to do all the marketing. Alternatively, if they do have one, the affiliates commission comes out of the Site Owners commission, not that companies.

Your Site Will Be Active From Day 1 – We make sure from Day 1, there are active “VIP” profiles on your site to make it active and enjoyable for new users, and while we do not pay out for any messages VIP profiles send, they will be hand-selected for your site because we know they are active and will reply and engage in conversation with your users, encouraging them to message more and increase your profits.
Some of our rivals offer this service too, but many offer it as an expensive premium option or limit their VIP profiles to only be active with non-subscribers, which ruins the user experience when someone is encouraged to subscribe but then immediately ghosted by that VIP profile.
(Note: While we do not pay out for VIP messages, we DO payout for any user messages or replies sent to a VIP.)

Kind words from our happy clients

Don't just take our word for it, see what our clients say about us.

"I have nothing but praise for the team at Dating Kit. Everything is taken care of leaving me to focus on building my brand. I couldn't be happier with the product and team."

"Thank you for making setting up a dating site painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I might even purchase a second site!"