White label dating websites made simple

Fully managed dating software with premium features, customer support, billing and software platform. Optimised for conversions and user interaction.

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What can Dating Kit do for you?

You market your site and we take care of everything else

Fully Managed Software

We handle everything from hosting the sites to handling payments, leaving you to market your new dating site from day one.

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Maximise You Profits

Our platform is developed to increase the spending from each customer to your dating site, which in turn leads to an increase in your profits.

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Unbeatable Premium Support

From the very moment you begin your dating business with us, you will receive extensive premium support for any query you may have.

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Get Up And Running Quickly

We pride ourselves in getting your dating business up and running within a couple of business days so you don't have to wait around for weeks for you to start making money.

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Quick setup

We pride ourselves in getting your dating business up and running within a couple of business days.

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Strong Tracking Compatibility

Use your own external pixels to track the performance of your campaigns across a number of platforms.

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Everything handled effortlessly

Our team will handle everything from payment handling, customer support requests and other technical aspects of each site.

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Industry-Leading Returns and LTVs

Reinvest profits confidently as new and repeat revenues grow month on month in all networks and territories.

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Fraud Detection

We leverage third-party solutions for automatic bot prevention, as well as our own dedicated in-house manual activity.

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Reporting and Analytics

Everything to do with your dating site is monitored and shown as analytics for you on your very own personal dashboard.

Start making money online

Generate revenue from an online dating site today

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How much could you earn with us?

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Based on an average of 5 messages a day per user.

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