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Why choose Dating Kit?

Besides a stunning dating website, premium features, and a site optimised to improve conversions, here are better reasons to consider Dating Kit.

Fully Managed Software

While other dating software gives you all the tools but none of the guidance, we handle everything from hosting to payments.

Maximise your profit

Our platform focuses on maximising profit from your users from day one, using our extensive network of profiles.

Incredible Support

When you purchase a Dating Kit site, you will get unlimited support for your website for the duration of your subscription.

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When you partner with Dating Kit, all you have to do is promote your dating brand.

The Dating Kit platform provides all the customer support, billing and software platform. We then share the revenue collected from your customers sending messages on the platform, at some of the best payout rates within the industry.

We are constantly developing the software platform and adding new features to help engage your customers, encouraging them to increase their spending and chances of finding romance.

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Get up and running quickly

Shared Database of profiles allows your site to be populated and active for your customers from day one.

Extensive network
No site will ever be completely empty so your first customer will have plenty of people to chat to and share their interests with.
Full site reporting
We provide all our dating sites with full reports, analytics and statistics so you know where your traffic is coming from, what campaigns are working and how much activity is going on with your site.
Custom niches
We can cater to many niches (and more to be added in the future) and have real users who fit with a lot of niches, such as regular romance, adult hookups, virtual girlfriends, models, kinky, etc.
Unit and Integration Tests

Fully managed dating site software

We provide all the technology to start your dating site on our platform and provide additional free services such as populated databases with multiple real users who will engage with your customers and encourage them to start spending.

Payment processing
Our platform will handle all your needs for payment handling and billing, leaving you to relax and concentrate on getting more customers for your site. We currently support multiple currencies from around the world.
Top support
Customer support is available to your customers and handled by our very own in-house team. We deal with everything from billing issues to tech support and you will never have to deal with anyone.
All of our dating sites are protected by security measures and privacy policies appropriate for each market that we operate in, including GDPR.
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Simple monthly pricing

A no nonsense monthly price with no long term commitment, cancel any time. Ready to get started?

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Fully managed dating site, with unlimited support.

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Based on an average of 5 messages a day per user.


Advertise your very own dating site, improve your brand through effective marketing and sign up more customers.

With our platform's in-built affiliate programme, you can sign up affiliates to do the promotion of your site, bringing you traffic that both they, and you, will profit from.

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Our in-house design team are available to offer optional premium services such as brand design and advertising at reasonable rates.

When first starting out, this can give a strong kick-start to your early campaigns.

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